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Behind the Scenes with Rebecca and Get Press on Nails

Hey, I’m Rebecca Orme, it’s lovely to see you here!

So if you’ve landed here you want to know a little more about me and the Get Press on Nails website…

Well, I have been doing nails since i can remember! I was maybe 10 or 11 years old and my cousin was watching my sister and I for the summer holidays and she was always looking after her nails, just tidying up cuticles, filing them perfect or putting some cuticle oil on, and my fascination grew from there. Before that point i was a nail biter, but from that time onwards i looked after my nails meticulously. Fast forward a few years, and i was studying Biological Sciences at University, and doing my own nail art in my spare time, my friends at Uni couldn’t wait to see what i was wearing next!

After Uni, i was at a loose end, i had moved 20 miles away from where i grew up and had no friends local, no job as i had just finished my degree and moved into a different area, and i felt i wanted to do something fun after all that serious studying, so i went on a nail course.

That was 22 yeras ago and nails has taken me all over the world, (South Africa, Las Vegas, Maldives to name a few) put me in front of celebrities to do their nails for major events (Sarah Harding, Kerry Katona, Emelie Sande for starters), I do LFW twice a year and have done the nails for some major nail brands social media. I love being backstage at a photoshoot for Vogue or a catwalk show for Burberry!

Click here to Watch me at LFW on my youtube channel

Nail has taken over my life in many ways and I LOVE IT!

Through lockdown I opened an etsy shop to make and sell Press on Nails as we really couldn’t do much else could we! Anyway i was 7 months pregnant and didn’t do much with it, i took the time to relax with my husband at home, we built a new summer house (my She Shed) so when the baby came along i had somewhere to go and work and thats about it really. Then I saw some press on nails on my social media feed that i was really impressed with, rememberd my etsy shop and relaunched it! along with my social media pages I’ve done so well that I built this website dedicated to Press on’s and hope to educate and inspire you lovely nail fans with my expertise, travels, trends and of course Press on Nails created by me! – So you really can say that Emelie Sande’s nail tech has done your nails!!! :)

Edit – I’m branching out…

So since i built this site, I have decided i want to share the love for Press On’s and you may now see some talented nail artists selling their Press On’s from the shop! I’m all for supporting small businesses and my fellow nail artists so hopefully you will have even more designs to choose from all in one place. My style is…my style, so if you are looking for something different another of the nail artists selling on here may well suit your style better!

#collaboration #womeninbusiness #supportingsmallbusinesses