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Our press on nails buying and applying guide


Welcome! You’re in good hands

The sets of nails you see scattered all over the shop are all hand made with care and attention to detail, so you are always guaranteed a beautiful set of nails.

So how can you ensure a great fit and lasting wear?


When buying your set of nails, it important to order the right sizes of nails. There are pre-sets which are popular sizes of nails and its simple to measure…

Just apply a piece of tape or hold a fabric measuring tape over the widest part of your nail and measure it in millimetres. If none of the pre-sets sizes match your nail sizes, there is a custom option for ordering the exact sizes you need. Hit the custom size option then write in the ‘notes’ during checkout your nail sizes required. Example: thumb=2 index=6 middle=5 ring=7 pinky=9


In your presentation box, you will find your set of nails neatly laid out in order for you, under the foam there will be a mini file, an alocohol wipe, an orangewood stick and some adhesive tabs or glue. There will be a leaflet in your parcel with instructions too.

Gluing your nails on means removing them may damage them and so if you want to use them again, using adhesive tabs that can more easily be removed is a better option and alot kinder too your nails. (If you use glue to apply the nails, remove the glue by soaking the nails for just a few minutes in pure acetone from a pharmacy)

Step 1: Ease back the cuticles usng the orangewood stick

Step 2: Remove shine as gently as possible using the file by lightly sweeping in a downwards direction from cuticle to free edge – dont file left to right, this will damage the nails and leave scratches behind.

Step 3: Wipe the nails with the alcohol wipe to clean them thoroughly

Step 4: Apply the nails using the adhesive tabs to secure in place

You are done! Enjoy wearing your nails time and time again.

Don’t forget to leave a review and a picture of your goegous new set of nails!


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