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Nail Artist Vikki Taylor-Dodds on Cuticle Oil

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Vikki Taylor-Dodds is a competition winning nail artist who has been doing nails for 20 years. She runs a successful salon in Walsend in Newcastle, has regularly done the nails, brows and tans of the Jordi Shore stars over the years, she has been featured on the gadet show and many newspapers and magazines.

Vikki is an expert in nail care as well as nail design and today she gives us her expert advice about cuticle oil.

So Vikki, What is the deal with cuticle oil, why are nail techs always insisting we use it?

Cuticle oil is your best friend!

Many people are worried it will lift nails, If you’re using a cuticle oil specifically, it will work to ensure the natural nail stays healthy and flexible and stop the nail plate from drying out and becoming brittle.

How about cuticle oil and press on nails?

Don’t apply oil for 24hrs prior to applying press ons as the natural nail needs to be oil free for the adhesive tabs or glue to do their thing and keep your nails on. Avoid using cuticle oil whilst wearing your press on’s as it will undermine the adhesive tabs especially and your press on’s could come off

When is best to use Cuticle Oil?

Cuticle Oil works best when applied after you’ve been in water (after a bath, shower or washing the dishes) as it pushes water out of your nails and replaces it with the moisturising benefits of the oil. Water can dry nails out and cause splitting and damage, so applying cuticle oil after drying your hands will do wonders for anyone who has dry or splitting nails.

Another great time is before bed! Along with you getting cosy and warm under your duvet the cuticle oil gets the best chance of sinking in and during sleeo your body heals, regenerates and grows so cuticle oil can really do its thing during the nightime hours.

Applying cuticle oil after you’ve removed your press on’s is a great idea to push so good quality moisture back into your nails having had a break from it whilst you were wearing your favourite nail design. The healthier you can keep your nails and surrounding skin, the better your press on’s will last and look great!

Check out Vikki’s Get Press On Nails Shop here.

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