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Baby Boomer with 3D Flowers | Press On Nails


Baby Boomer with 3D Flowers

This Baby Boomer with 3D Flowers set of Press on Nails give you a really special set of press on’s you’ll have fun wearing and really get your nails noticed!

Pre-Set Sizing Guide:

– Extra Small – Small – Medium – Large- Custom

Choose from 4 different nail shapes and lengths:

– Almond – Short Ballerina – Long Ballerina – Long Square – Long Oval

If you measure your nails at the widest part in millimetres, you can choose the closest pre-set size from the drop down menus. Go slightly larger is in doubt as you’ll recieve a file you can use to gently shave a little off the sides of a nail that is a bit big, and achieve a perfect fit.

If you would like to measure your nails and send me the exact measurements for a custom fit, please enter your details in the ‘customer notes’ box at checkout following this format: Thumb:2, index:6, middle:5, ring:7, pinky:9

You will recieve 10 nail tips, an orangewood stick, an alcohol wipe, a mini file and 24 adhesive tabs all presented in a box for safe keeping 🙂

Nail Shape

Almond, Short Ballerina, Long Ballerina, Long Square, Long Oval

Pre-Set Sizes

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Custom


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