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Blue Glitter Nails with Flowers | One Stroke Nail Art | Press On Nails


A dark blue with sparkle a French accent nail AND my trade mark one stroke flowers. This design has it all!

A set of 10 nails hand painted using one stroke and watercolour nail art techniques.

A dark blue set of nils with glitter, one sroke flowers and a French accent nail too!

Pre-Set Sizing Guide:

– Extra Small – Small – Medium – Large- Custom

Choose from 9 different nail shapes and lengths:

– Almond – Short Ballerina – Long Ballerina – Short Oval – Medium Oval – Long Oval – Short Square – Long Square – Long Stiletto

If you measure your nails at the widest part in millimetres, you can choose the closest pre-set size from the drop down menus. Go slightly larger is in doubt as you’ll recieve a file you can use to gently shave a little off the sides of a nail that is a bit big, and achieve a perfect fit.

If you would like to measure your nails and send me the exact measurements for a custom fit, please enter your details in the ‘customer notes’ box at checkout following this format: Thumb:2, index:6, middle:5, ring:7, pinky:9

Important: You will only recieve the 10 nail tips. I don’t supply glue, adhesive tabs etc at this time, so please make sure you have some in order to apply the nails yourself.

Express Shipping – How it works

Free shipping means i will make and despatch your custom hand made set of Press On’s in 1-2 business days

Express shipping option gives you the choice of having your purchase made and despatched within 24 hours for an extra £4.95.

Nail Shape

Almond, Short Ballerina, Long Ballerina, Short Oval, Medium Oval, Long Oval, Short Square, Long Square, Long Stiletto

Pre-Set Sizes

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Custom

Faster Shipping!

None I'm happy with FREE Shipping, Same Day Despatch 1st Class


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Glitz n Glam

My passion is one stroke, my canvas is nails!

I have been doing nails for years and my love for one stroke art allows me to get creative with nail design. From all out floral with crystals to delicate, elegant designs, if you love floral nail art you'll love my Press on's!