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summer 2022 nail trends

There has been a definate shift from single colour nails to creating complimentary accent nails to create a multi faceted set of nails over recent years. So what is the sitch for summer 2022 nail trends?

Well we are seeing a lot more metallics coming through in the nails on the runways and celebs, as well as personalised nails or lettering decals, As seen in the Gucci Aria campaign.

Adding dimension to a pink nude nail using a flash of metallic is hot right now and Harry Styles is everywhere sporting his polished nails by celebrity manicurist Jenny Longworth.

A metallic colour on 2-3 nails on each hand mixed up with a nude to balance the design and crystals to add dimension really works.

So you can see summer 2022 nail trends is not about pastels, that was so last spring…

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