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As a vendor on you are responsible for your own listings, the accuracy and detail within the listings and the terms you sell under.

You are free to specify the time it takes you to despatch items and the postal service you use, please ensure you do specify this in your listings and stick to the terms you have given as this constitutes the terms of sale.

You may only sell hand made, custom made Press on Nails. Selling nails pre-bought as your own is not allowed and will result in the immediate cancellation and deletion of your shop.

You are allowed to sell, nail glue, adhesive tabs and stacker rings/bracelets as a supporting element of your shop, and must not constitute more than 5% of your shop listings. nothing unrelated to your Press On’s will be allowed.

Reports of non-reciept of orders or ‘not as described’ comments or complaints will be taken seriously and 3 reports logged will result in your account being suspended pending investigation.

You will recieve 80% of the price of the sale (after discounts) by bank transfer or paypal (which ever specified by you in your account dashboard) and will recieve 20% of the total sale (after discounts) the 20% commission will include VAT.

It is your responsibility to make, package and post the Press on Nails you sell. We do not provide postage / delivery services.